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Economy Produce is a wholesale distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables servicing retail and food service distributors within a 250 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio. We also offer customized produce solutions for distributors, including bid assistance, sales and marketing support, and procurement solutions.



Alex Jakobowitz founded Economy Produce in 1978. He was new to the produce business and as the "new kid on the block" no one gave him much of a chance. There were two things, however, that Alex offered his customers that kept them coming back: a quality product and integrity. He was always willing to pay more for better produce, and more importantly he was a man of his word. Alex's integrity and focus on quality created the foundation for our company today.

Economy Produce is now owned and operated by second generation family members Jack Jakobowitz and Ray Gold. With over 30 years of experience, Economy Produce continues to build upon Alex's legacy of quality and service and is dedicated to providing freshness, quality, and value to our customers.

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Category Managers

Micheal Beasley

Jim Slosar

Mike took over for Jim Slosar in April 2019. He began his career at Economy Produce in 2012 working in the warehouse and has since grown into the head buyer for the company.

Ryan Fair

Herschel Weiser

Ryan has over 15 years of experience in produce. As a Category Manager at Economy Produce, Ryan's areas of expertise include potatoes, onions, and yams.

Ryan is a graduate of Columbia University in New York.


Tom Rhodes

Rick  Lehnecker

An employee of Economy Produce since , Tom is a Category Manager responsible for bananas, pineapples and other tropical fruits.  Tom is one of the most experienced in ripening bananas in the Cleveland market, with over 10 years of experience at the Northern Ohio Food Terminal.



Jack Jakobowitz

Jack Jakobowitz

Jack officially took over the day to day operations of Economy Produce in 2007 as the Chief Executive Officer, transitioning these duties from his father, Alex Jakobowitz, founder of the company.

Jack is a graduate of Cleveland State University, earning a degree in both Accounting and Finance in 2001. In 2004, Jack earned his law degree from Cleveland Marshall and also passed the bar exam the same year.


Ray Gold

Ray Gold

A graduate of Cleveland State University in 1991 with a degree in Accounting and a CPA, Ray is the Chief Financial Officer at Economy Produce. He joined the company in 1992 and oversees all financial aspects of the company including credit and accounting. Ray also oversees the safety and sanitation committee and is responsible for ensuring AIB compliance.




Deshane D'Amore

Dave Reeves

Deshane joined Economy Produce in 2020 as Director of Operations. Deshane's responsibilities include management of transportation, operations, and quality assurance.

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